LifeRing Enables Low Cost DMR Radios to Share an Encrypted COP

Some country’s militaries use low cost handheld Motorola DMR and other Radios for Squad level voice communications. Previously, there was no way for these radios to be easily connected with Android Smartphones that enable the users at the Squad level to exchange a Common Operational Picture (COP), enter friendly and hostile unit locations, chat, message, whiteboard and receive commands and geofence alerts. LifeRing’s engineering breakthrough using highly compressed message standards enables COP data exchange over very low bandwidth communications while using US (AES 256 bit) encryption.

Key Features:

  • Transmit and Receive own Position Reports
  • Enter Hostile Units
  • Send Chat and Text Messages
  • Transmit and Receive Whiteboards
  • Declare Emergency Condition
  • Receive and Respond to Orders
  • Encrypts Data Communication



This Squad level information is then passed up the Chain of Command to higher level units using more capable, but significantly higher cost radios. The interface with higher Commands permits the receipt of higher headquarter intelligence information, data from adjacent units and coordination of activities up and down the Chain of Command.

AGIS, at the very leading edge of this cross-over communications technology, has successfully tested our new radio/Android Smartphone interface using Motorola DP4400 and P25 radios. We are constantly expanding LifeRing’s ability to interface with new devices and/or extend their capabilities. Please contact us to see how we can help you.