AGIS, Inc., has licensed 19 US patents and 2 Foreign Patents with additional patents pending.

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PATENT MARKING.  LifeRing applications, solutions, and software products are covered by patents licensed from AGIS Software Development LLC.  LifeRing applications, solutions, and software products may be covered under one or more of United States Patent Numbers 7,031,728; 7,630,724; 7,672,681; 7,689,232; 7,764,954; 7,805,146; 7,853,273; 8,126,441; 8,131,298; 8,213,970; 8,364,129; 8,538,393; 8,880,042; 9,408,055; 9,467,838; 9,706,381; 9,749,829 and 9,820,123.  Additional patents pending.  In addition to the aforementioned patents, LifeRing with Automatic Identification System (AIS) in maritime applications, solutions, and software may also be covered under United States Patent Number 7,805,146.