LifeRing Solutions

LifeRing is Designed With YOU in Mind.

If you move towards danger, if you are first on scene, if your job is to be part of the action, then LifeRing is designed to assist you. LifeRing enables coordinated activities by assuring that all have the same situational awareness of their current surroundings and can easily collaborate (PTT, Chat, Message, Whiteboard and Video) providing them with a potentially lifesaving information bubble.

Whether you need to track a Military group exercise, offer a secure platform for a small Agency operation or allow First Responders the ability to see each others position in a crisis zone, we have the solution to fit your needs.

Our all encompassing, Common Operational Picture ensures every user will have a clear field of communication with all other users, to keep tasks moving as efficiently and effectively as possible.


LifeRing provides a life-preserving line of constant communication throughout the command structure and interfaces with most military Command and Control Systems…

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US Government Agencies find LifeRing to be a powerful tool that provides all a COP and the ability to Collaborate, Command, PTT and Exchange video.

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In situations where every second counts, a First Responder using LifeRing can mark an area of emergency on a map.

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