AGIS Tactical Encrypted Video (TEV) Videoconferencing App for Military Operations

JUPITER, FL, USA, January 9, 2024 / — Introducing the AGIS Tactical Encrypted Videoconferencing (TEV) secure app, a groundbreaking videoconferencing software application designed specifically to work with U.S. and other countries’ Military Command and Control Systems. It enables remote commanders to view the Operational Data appearing on each other’s displays and to discuss the tactical situation. TEV equips the warfighter and the command center with a secure and encrypted communications environment, allowing authorized military personnel to conduct video conferences directly from within a military secure server. Here is an overview of TEV ‘s features, benefits, and technical specifications, highlighting its potential to enhance the combined joint all domain communication and collaboration (CJADC2) objective and vision across military organizations.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, videoconferencing has become an essential tool for remote collaboration. However, concerns regarding data security and privacy have raised significant challenges for organizations using standard commercial products. TEV addresses these concerns by providing a videoconferencing app that can be launched and operated from a secure server and communications environment, enabling use of the classified server network used by the military. TEV is the only software application that addresses the need for secure and encrypted videoconferencing capabilities within a military environment where the user owns the software. Click to watch video. 

Has the potential to enhance the combined joint all domain communication and collaboration (CJADC2) objective and vision across military organizations”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr

Features and Benefits:
Military-Grade Security
AGIS Secure TEV does not require the use of the Internet nor corporate owned servers but rather uses a modest PC server that is located within a military facility and military communications thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Seamless Integration
AGIS Secure TEV seamlessly integrates with existing military communication systems, enabling personnel who may be operating in different echelons and different services to initiate video conferences directly from within their secure server environment. This ensures complete control over data storage, transmission, and access, mitigating the risks associated with third-party, non-military video conference providers.

Multi-Participant Support
AGIS Secure TEV supports multi-participant, multinational video conferences, allowing personnel from different military units and locations to collaborate effectively. This feature facilitates real-time decision-making and fosters a sense of unity among coalition team members.

High-Quality Video and Audio
TEV delivers high-quality video and audio, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication even in challenging environments. This feature is essential for maintaining situational awareness and facilitating effective information exchange.

User Management and Access Control
TEV offers robust user management features, allowing TEV administrators to control access permissions, create user groups, and manage authentication methods. This ensures that only authorized individuals can participate in video conferences.

The TEV Scheduler and Calendar functionality within TEV is similar to commercial products and allows users to efficiently plan and organize video meetings and appointments.

The Scheduler and Calendar features work together to streamline the process of planning and managing video conferences. Users can easily schedule meetings, invite participants, and keep track of scheduled video meetings within existing calendar systems.

Interfaces with Outlook
A Calendar integration feature can sync with the user’s existing calendar system, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This integration ensures that scheduled video conferences are automatically added to the user’s calendar, along with any relevant details and reminders. Users can view their upcoming video meetings alongside their other appointments and events, providing a comprehensive overview of their schedule.

Technical Specifications:
Encryption and Security Measures:
AGIS’ Secure TEV takes full advantage of national state-of-the-art, military, communications, encryption algorithms to protect sensitive information. TEV additionally AES 256 bit encrypts the data and voice. Thus, all communications thus adhere to military-grade security standards, including end-to-end encryption and secure key management.

AGIS Secure TEV represents a significant advancement in military communication technology. By providing a secure and encrypted videoconferencing solution that is purchased and owned, operates on a separate Government laptop or within military secure servers, it empowers military personnel to collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions. By prioritizing data security, end-to-end encryption, and scalability, TEV offers a reliable platform for remote collaboration. With its extensive features and benefits, TEV has the potential to revolutionize the way military and other security-oriented organizations conduct video conferences, ensuring privacy and control over sensitive communications. TEV can enhance countries Command and Control system at minimal expense.

Malcolm “Cap” Beyer
Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS)
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