Introducing LifeRing ASSIST

Traveling or working in today’s world is more dangerous than ever. For many companies and organizations, securing and safeguarding your personnel is not only a major priority, it is the cost of doing business.

LifeRing Assist is an APP that can run on all of your employees’ smartphones to connect them to a command center and network of responders if and when there is an emergency.

A LifeRing Assist enabled command center can issue terror, weather and other warning alerts to personnel that are located anywhere in the world. The APP enables you to automatically receive these alerts whenever your iPhone or Android smartphone is on. The APP also provides a personal emergency panic button and the ability to report your location as well as the location of significant dangerous events.


LifeRing Assist does not report your location unless you declare an Emergency and – because it is only activated when you need it – the APP doesn’t drain your battery.