LifeRing Brings Command, Control, and Communication to All

LifeRing puts an actual Military Tactical Operations Center in your hand. Low cost, cutting edge technology provides comprehensive, unmatched Common Operational Picture (COP) along with the ability to Collaborate and Command. LifeRing’s Integrated Digital Data, Voice and Video are all encrypted within a single application -- a Real Tactical Capability.

When all Network Participants have the COP and capability to rapidly and effectively exchange data, voice, and video, Safety and Operational Effectiveness are greatly increased. LifeRing is available in Military, Federal Law Enforcement, and First Responder versions.

Digital Communication requires significantly less bandwidth than standard cellular and radio communication. And Digital has proved itself, time and again, by continuing to function during 9/11, Katrina, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon.


LifeRing equips all users with vital, up-to-date, position location information (PLI). LifeRing's PLI includes: GPS status, GPS location, heading, speed, and previous locations.

LifeRing Groups

With LifeRing, separate echelons join groups to create a Common Operational Picture by collaborating, sharing, and refining relevant information. Users may join multiple groups to communicate with many other users.

Chain of Command

LifeRing lets subordinates see the overall picture and how their contributions effect the operation as it progresses. This knowledge reduces the level of control higher commanders need to exercise over subordinates.

LifeRing provides the ability to:

  • Select a variety of maps to include imagery, geologic, military, U.S. data, etc.
  • Target other LifeRing users to securely receive data and photographs from transmission through the LifeRing Server.
  • Draw on the map screen like a Chalkboard or Whiteboard for all LifeRing participants to see.
  • Display map overlays and geo-fences.
  • Operate in an environment using GSM, CDMA, WiFi, Cable, DSL and work seamlessly using any or all simultaneously.
  • Push to Talk with any other LifeRing participant without being limited by network carriers or devices.
  • PLI unit video, emergencies, civil and military location readouts.
  • Implement with cellular, military radio, MANET, satellite in any combination.
LifeRing Tablet
LifeRing Smartphone
LifeRing Laptop
  • Voice Touch to call, PTT, talk & listen on one channel, listen on multiple channels.
  • Display range, bearing, heading, speed, altitude, phone signal strength, battery strength, and GPS status information for all LifeRing units.
  • Create formatted messages (i.e. JVMF, SPOT, MEDEVAC, etc.) for all LifeRing participants.
  • Add in symbols for people/vehicles/points of interest that are not on Network.
  • Attach text and photographs to PLI and symbols.
  • Data networks and voice PTT channels that are easily changed and permit up and down and across the Chain of Command Communications.
  • View lists of network participants.
  • Interface with military Command and Control Systems (GCCS, C2PC, FBCB2 JCR, etc.)