2024 Pacific Operational Science and Technology (POST) Conference


We would like to Introduce you to the AGIS MDDL System.

Our software is a single app that loads on any PC, Android or iOS device as well as PC, Mac or Smartphone browsers and enables real-time, situational-awareness between all smartphone, tablet and PC users to create a scalable Command and Control Common Operational Picture – or COP – system of the mapped area and the precise location of all participants. This CJADC2 system interfaces with the US and NATO C5ISR system and creates a COP for all. Our extensive Data fabric also enables 25 different sensor types to be selectively integrated into the COP including data from various radars, IBS, Commercial Satellites including HawkEye 360 ELINT and various Optical and SAR imagery satellites.

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For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact:

Malcolm ‘Cap’ Beyer
O: (561) 744-3213
F: (561) 746-3045
E: beyerm@agisinc.com

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