MDDL Messages permit CPI2 Satellite Use with Auto Handover Comms

In January 2021, the Army announced its anticipated need for more survivable command posts that are mobile, could enable multiple Army operations, have built in redundancy for continuous operations and a reduced physical footprint.  In addition to an improved expeditionary mobility, the solution would incorporate camouflage and concealment to improve signature management. The Army is looking for scalable and integrated mobile command posts that can execute uninterrupted missions including communications on-the-move. This solution will be designed to work at the Brigade and Battalion echelons and also across Mobile Command Groups for Corps and Divisions echelons.

In February 2021, the AGIS LifeRing solution is available for the Army to test and prove.  Our Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) approach uses small, easily camouflaged lightweight 12-inch diameter, 7lb. Iridium Next Thales satellite transceivers along with a AWS GovCloud server to provide communications between on-the-move vehicles to overcome most of the terrain issues. Furthermore, if satellite comms were to fail, an automatic software handover occurs for vehicle-to-vehicle communications using L3Harris or other military communications. The L3Harris integration with LifeRing has been tested and proven; LifeRing has also been tested with a lower data rate Iridium. The Iridium Next satellite constellation currently provides worldwide civil aviation communications where its reliability carries international implications.

We are open to exploring potential teaming arrangements to put together a very low-cost demonstration or prototype. As an additional benefit, our LifeRing/MDDL software drastically reduces RF Targeting by hostile forces. For more information see