LifeRing’s LinkTrans Software Enables an Integrated COP

To enable an integrated Common Operational Picture (COP), the LifeRing Server’s LinkTrans software provides datalink translation and forwarding between various US Military, First Responder, DHS and NATO systems even though their datalinks have different data rates, protocols and formats.

As an example, data can be exchanged between an Air Force fighter aircraft using Link-16 and Army units using military radios and Joint Variable Message Format (JVMF) or Cursor on Target (CoT) data links even though each of these three datalinks uses differing data rates, protocols, and formats.

Likewise, Department of Likewise, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) datalink information can be exchanged between National Guard, US Army, US Marine Corps, and US Navy units and with Link 16 equipped aircraft.

NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI) datalink data can be exchanged with other NATO units using NATO ADEM or NATO NVG datalinks, with US Army units using JVMF and with US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard and other Allied Nations Navies who use OTH GOLD datalinks.

Sensor data from ground to air radars and surface search radars can be exchanged between Link 16 aircraft, US and Allied ships and US and NATO ground units. Low cost SPOT tracking tag data can be sent to US systems and NATO systems. Automatic Information System (AIS) ship tracking data can be sent to US and NATO ships and aircraft. Handheld Iridium and Thuraya satellite transceivers and MESH networking devices can be used to exchange COP data with Military radios, DHS P25 / DMR radios and Smartphones.

LinkTrans software is built into LifeRing’s lightweight server and is available to all authorized users. To obtain an evaluation copy of LinkTrans, contact us at AGIS will then determine if you are an authorized user and start the process of enabling you to use LifeRing’s LinkTrans.