LifeRing’s 5.08 Enhanced Notification Function

Notify allows the PC to send messages to large groups of users.  The recipients of the message can be chosen by the either all current active users or by selecting a boundary that includes all users inside of it.  Box Bounds and Poly Bounds permit you to define an area on your screen and to send a message to all users that are geographically located inside that area.

Three types of messages can be sent:

1. You can select to send the message to all active LifeRing Users. The data entered in the Text box is sent, using normal LifeRing Messages. If a LifeRing user has intermittent comms, the message is temporally held until the user reconnects to the server.

2. You can select to send a FCM Plain Text Message. The information is then sent, via FCM, to every handset that has ever connected to this LifeRing server.   The message is sent using FCM Android and iOS notification technology and will be received if the recipient’s Smartphone is active or when they turn their Smartphone on.

3. You can select to send a FCM LifeRing Wakeup Message to users not currently running LifeRing. It is received by Android and iOS Smartphones and is labeled “Priority Message.” If they tap on the Notification, LifeRing is automatically activated on their Smartphone.