LifeRing Can Now Access External Databases

LifeRing 5.08 has the ability to access data from databases outside of LifeRing.  Past versions of LifeRing were dependent on data or content that was added by LifeRing users or received from external datalinks and stored in the LifeRing database creating a Common Operational Picture (COP).

We can now pull content from an external database to create an even more dynamic COP. AGIS developed a  new capability for LifeRing in partnership with the National Health Care Communications System called Hospital Share to enable real-time, situational awareness of COVID-19 related resources both locally and nationally. The database processing associated with this effort enables us to easily accommodate interfaces to other databases.

For the Hospital Share effort, we have access to an external database of Hospitals along with their location, contact information and ID.  When a Hospital Marker is added to the map the user can use the INFO button to either manually add information about the hospital or it can choose that hospital from the Location pulldown and it will automatically pull the address and contact information from the external database. As healthcare professionals come online, they can select their own user symbol and click the INFO button.  They can also choose their hospital from the Location dropdown which is being pulled from the external database and then places that location and contact information into their user profile and associates them with that Hospital. 

For large agencies or companies, the real-world applications for this has several immediate advantages:

Having the ability to integrate additional information from external User databases enables LifeRing to provide a yet more integrated system. 

As an example, this software could enable an agency or department or a military organization to assure a uniform profile information for all LifeRing participants.