LifeRing Can Block Undesired Participants from the Network

LifeRing has the capability to remove or disconnect undesired participants from the LifeRing Common Operational Picture (COP) network.  In the event of a user being compromised or if the device is lost or stolen, or if the Commander feels the content being transmitted is not accurate or authentic, the Commander can  have the suspected LifeRing PC, Android or iPhone device removed from the LifeRing network in two different ways.

The Commander can instruct the LifeRing server admin to Permanently Block a user from the LifeRing network. This action removes the LifeRing PC, Android or iPhone device from the LifeRing network and prevents the LifeRing participant from reconnecting without express approval by the Commander.

The server admin can also Temporarily Block a user from the LifeRing network if there appears to be an issue with the user’s transmissions. This action permits the LifeRing user to later reconnect to the LifeRing network and rejoin its designated Groups.

When Permanently Blocked from the LifeRing network, the user will not receive any further updates and will be unable to log back on to the LifeRing network. 

If Temporarily Blocked, the LifeRing client will be able to log back on to the LifeRing whenever their communications permit, which will refresh their COP and their data to all on the LifeRing network.