FATHOMWERX Demonstration Event Showcases Cutting-Edge Marine and Undersea Technologies

PORT HUENEME, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — FATHOMWERX Summit, a leading provider of marine and undersea solutions, hosted a highly anticipated demonstration event to showcase the latest advancements by leading industry partners in sensor technologies, command and control software, radar systems, drone feeds, intrusion detection, surveillance, and port security. Held in Port Hueneme, California this week, the Open House event brought together Government and industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to witness the current state-of-the-art in maritime and undersea security operations.

Companies and interested military and homeland security representatives from across the globe participated in the event, presenting their groundbreaking technologies designed to enhance maritime surveillance, protect coastal resources, and bolster national security efforts. FATHOMWERX Summit served as the perfect platform for these companies to exhibit and demonstrate their innovations and foster collaboration among technologists within the homeland security sectors of the maritime community.

Some of the other companies representing their space, marine, and undersea technologies were Echodyne, Capella Space, Hughes Network Systems, Cornet Technology, Comtech Communications, Acumentrics, Ocean Power Technologies, Applied Ocean Sciences, SubSeaSail, Hexagon Federal, Kenautics.

One of the key highlights of the event was the unveiling of advanced AGIS software and marine sensor technologies. Gaining actionable intelligence is the goal in working with these cutting-edge sensors that offer enhanced capabilities for detecting and tracking underwater objects, improving situational awareness, and enabling efficient decision-making. With advancements in sonar and electromagnetic technologies, these sensors present a significant leap forward in ensuring smarter observation, safer, and more effective port and marine security operations.

Command and control software solutions were also prominently featured during the event. Demonstrating their adaptability and efficiency, AGIS allowed the audiences to witness software solutions that enable operators from multiple duty stations to seamlessly integrate information from various sensors, radar, drones, and surveillance systems at the successfully concluded ANTX Coastal Trident 2023. The enhanced command and control capabilities AGIS presented at the event promise to empower marine, undersea and environmental operations with real-time data analysis, improved threat detection, and more effective counter response strategies.

Radar systems played a vital role in the FATHOMWERX demonstration event, with companies presenting innovative technologies tailored specifically for counter UAS (unmanned aerial systems) defeat and maritime applications. These advanced LIDAR/ radar systems offer increased detection ranges, improved target identification, and enhanced resistance to environmental factors, providing critical support for naval operations, coastal security, and search and rescue missions.

The event also featured live demonstrations of ingesting drone feeds, displaying the pivotal role unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) play in maritime and undersea operations. From surveillance and reconnaissance to environmental monitoring and emergency response, drone capabilities showcased during the event highlighted their potential to revolutionize the way we approach maritime safety and security.

AGIS has software solutions that enable operators from multiple duty stations to seamlessly integrate information from various sensors, radar, drones, and surveillance systems,”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.

Intrusion detection systems, a crucial element of port security, garnered significant attention at the demonstration event. Companies exhibited technologies designed to safeguard critical infrastructure, detect unauthorized personnel or vessels, and prevent illegal activities at ports and coastal areas. These advancements in intrusion detection systems showcased the industry’s commitment to ensuring the highest level of security for maritime assets.

About AGIS:
AGIS is a small veteran owned non-traditional business that is a leading provider of cutting-edge command and control software solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, AGIS develops advanced technologies that empower defense, military, and government agencies to enhance operational efficiency, situational awareness, and decision-making capabilities.

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