CJADC2 and Tactical Encrypted Videoconferencing (TEV)

Tactical Encrypted Videoconferencing subsystem has been incorporated within an existing C5ISR system

JUPITER, FL, US, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — AGIS has expanded our JADC2 C5ISR system to permit selective incorporation of allied nations. This laptop-based US/NATO Combined JADC2 system or CJADC2 C5ISR system meets the need for both U.S. Air, Ground and Sea operations and multinational coordination, cooperation, and command. It is designed to enhance collaboration between military commanders coordinating in Operations Planning and later during actual Tactical Operations. The system supports Link-16, JVMF, OTH Gold and NATO NIFFI and NVG. This C5ISR system currently operates in either a Laptop or a Desktop configuration.

To further enhance this capability, AGIS, Inc. has developed a real time video conferencing capability that is not dependent on the Internet but rather uses either on premise servers or a Government cloud-based server interconnected with military tactical satellite encrypted communications. The system provides automatic fail over to a backup server in case of server failure. Our videoconferencing system works very much like the commercial products such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

With AGIS’ newly integrated software, the military can now conduct Tactically Encrypted Videoconferencing (TEV) meetings using military encrypted communications with on-premise servers and military communications while simultaneously viewing a tactical real time COP on a single pane of glass. A first in the C5ISR industry – Military Commanders having live Operational videoconferencing while interactively sharing a COP greatly enhances abilities to make coordinated operational decisions.

In designing such a product, two issues had to be overcome. First, existing videoconferencing systems require Internet access to a centralized Cloud Server that in many cases is not available in a communications-denied or degraded environment. Second, a videoconference server, such as one used in conducting by Microsoft Teams meetings, cannot be on an on-premises server.

With a TEV capability embedded in our ADC2 C5ISR system, we now have an integrated system that resolves the issue of enabling secure communications, collaboration and coordination between units and Commands. By taking advantage of the agile and advanced AGIS C5ISR architecture, users can use their on-premises C5ISR backup Laptop servers also as backup servers for the TEV subsystem in case of server failure. For AGIS’ TEV operations, see video https://youtu.be/WPOsMekAaKg . For a small part of AGIS’ C5ISR operational capabilities see this video: https://www.agisinc.com/videos/elint_video.mp4

To provide the ability to segregate data so that essential data can be exchanged between nations and to lessen the probability of man in the middle attacks, the AGIS C5ISR system is equipped with security for verification of users. This is further enhanced by permitting each user on the C5ISR network to view the official ID card associated with the user with whom they are communicating. For TEV users who are on the network, their ID photos can be compared against the video image being shown on the videoconferencing tiles of participants. Working in the background, the ID card provided can also be used to assure that it correlates with the military’s centralized ID filing system or database. How AGIS’ photo ID card processing works, and other aspects of AGIS’ securing processing can be seen in this video link: https://youtu.be/upztGjrWr-4

With this TEV subsystem integrated into a fully mature C5ISR CJADC2 system, AGIS is able to use Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) methods and an already secure C5ISR environment to allow for enhanced military mission and operational collaboration, with seamless interaction across domains, and teamwork up and down the Chain of Command (i.e., from fire team to squad to platoon to company to battalion to brigade to division to corps).

A first in the C5ISR industry – Military Commanders having live Operational videoconferencing while interactively sharing a COP greatly enhances abilities to make coordinated operational decisions.”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.

With TEV, they are able to have video discussions, view slide deck presentations, documents, Excel spread sheets, images, reports and full motion videos. The AGIS C5ISR system enables multinational users to have a fully integrated live on-demand TEV at the very same time that everyone is viewing real time tactical situation events on the COP and performing joint view planning for the next operation. Continuing in the spirit of CJADC2, AGIS is exploring opportunities to provide the processing to allow the integration of TEV into an array of other DoD C5ISR tools or platforms, such as ATAK or AFATDS.

A future enhancement to this highly productive interactive TEV capability, will be our addition of SharePoint-like software which will enable joint collaborative editing, annotation and modification of shared files/documents/images.

AGIS’ C5ISR system of course provides the standard collaboration features that satisfied users of AGIS have always had at their fingertips, namely encrypted voice and video between users and encrypted PTT, Chat and Messaging as well as Whiteboarding, georeferenced MIL STD 2525 symbology, MIL STD 2525 Tactical Graphics, and an unique option for the user to select to view the Common Operating Picture in 3-D.

Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.
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