Breakthrough – Use of Commercial Satellite Intelligence to Enhance Military Operations

Integrated Worldwide Satellite ELINT / SAR / IMINT Data From Commercial Firms on a COP

JUPITER, FL, US, June 28, 2022 / — In the past satellite electronic intelligence (ELINT) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems, both of which are used to detect hostile unit locations and compositions, was highly classified. Satellites in space overhead are able to detect ELINT Radio/Radar emitter data and SAR data deep into neighboring nations’ borders. This ELINT location and frequency data and SAR IMAGERY data can also be amplified with satellite obtained photographs (IMINT) to better identify the nature of the ELINT / SAR returns. While previously only available from military classified sources, worldwide satellite ELINT / SAR / IMINT data is now available from commercial firms.

The availability of this satellite information is changing the nature of Intelligence gathering and processing. AGIS is the first to integrate commercial ELINT / SAR / IMINT data obtained from separate commercial sources into its low cost Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) Air, Ground, Sea C5ISR system. The data volume of this satellite intelligence information, even for a relatively small area of the earth, is immense and can consist of 20,000+ reports. The AGIS C5ISR system is capable of processing this level and volume of information. When not connected to military classified ELINT / SAR / IMINT sources and other military information feeds, the system can operate at a U.S. unclassified level and provide actionable intelligence to those who need it. When it is connected to classified interfaces, it must then operate at a U.S. Classified level, which will require compliance with U.S. Department of State ITAR Regulations.

Satellite ELINT data reveals the location and identification of radio and radars when they transmit. This information can be used to alert forces of the probability of impending hostile attack, the susceptibility of friendly forces to detection and attack, and provides data as to the probable composition of both friendly and hostile forces. Furthermore, when ELINT reports are gathered, AGIS’s integrated C5ISR system also enables the automatic creation of radar and communications coverage diagrams based on the terrain surrounding the radar, thus enabling planning for friendly fighter aircraft and other aircraft flying at specific altitudes to avoid detection. It can also inform them of an immediate danger that may be present when a previously undetected hostile air defense radar is activated.

Satellite SAR IMINT provides a different means to obtain the location of hostile units and probable composition of hostile forces even when they are not transmitting. Furthermore, it functions at night and through the cloud cover and weather. The SAR IMINT pierces through camouflage and can enable “to see” what was meant not to be seen. When overlaid with ELINT data, the location and composition information amplify the accuracy of the intelligence .

Based on these satellite ELINT and SAR data returns, the AGIS’ C5ISR operator can choose to either view existing commercial satellite IMINT of the area or request a tasking of commercial Satellite systems to provide a more current IMINT of the area. This information can then be used for targeting of hostile forces. Having this information also helps in avoiding the fratricide among civilians, one’s own military or coalition and allied military forces.

Because these data feeds are integrated into the AGIS C5ISR system, the combination of commercial ELINT / SAR / IMINT information can also be used by military commanders to assist them in planning or reworking their plans to make their operations more effective. This correlated information can be useful in enabling them to recognize the actions they may need to take to avoid detection by hostile forces.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, militaries around the world have begun to investigate utilizing these non-military sources of Intelligence information and adding these into their own standard military systems. AGIS believes that their software engineers have built the First in the World C5ISR Air, Ground, Sea system to fully integrate commercial ELINT / SAR / IMINT that is also capable of simultaneously interoperating with U.S. Air, Ground and Sea and NATO systems. They are then able to apply a common data fabric system to bring these data elements together to create a synchronized multinational Common Operational Picture (COP). The adaptability and collaborative design of the AGIS COP allows it to be used in conjunction with or in addition to various national military C5ISR systems when such systems exist. Besides the ease of data interoperability and forwarding, another unique feature within the AGIS C5ISR system is the ability to perform communication functions such as Chat, Messaging, PTT and exchange Full Motion Video.

AGIS’ C5ISR low-cost software does not require a heavy hardware and network investment as it operates on standard PCs, PC servers and on the AWS GovCloud and the Azure Cloud. AGIS’ C5ISR system is available as a software App or as an interoperable Web-Client system. It is available directly from a published commercial price list or for U.S. Government users from a GSA Advantage! Here is an overview:

AGIS is the first to integrate commercial ELINT / SAR / IMINT data obtained from separate commercial sources into its low cost Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) Air, Ground, Sea C5ISR system.”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr. CEO

Here are ELINT / SAR / IMINT screen shots that were recently taken of AGIS’ C5ISR system using commercial satellite data to peer into a Chinese militarized South China Seas Islands and it clearly illustrates this powerful capability.

This system is available either as a commercial satellite Intelligence system or as a complete integrated C5ISR system available to U.S. government and military under the GSA Advantage program. Here is a link to a downloadable brief:

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