AWS Cloud Worldwide C4ISR System supports 10,000s of Real Time Sensor feeds!

AGIS’ AWS GovCloud based revolutionary, Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) system provides massive sensor processing and translation of unclassified and classified reports creating an integrated COP between U.S. air, ground and sea and Five Eye C4ISR systems without changes to their existing data links. AGIS’ C4ISR MDDL system’s existing interfaces also provide an immediately available and very low cost means of enabling integration with NATO forces and other allied countries.
The above AGIS C4ISR AWS GovCloud video shows 10,000 plus real time aircraft and ship sensor reports being processed and displayed by our C4ISR MDDL system. In addition to its radar and ELINT processing, this C4ISR system also provides video and PTT between the network participants.