An Explosion of Real Time Sensor Reports

The profusion of real time commercial and classified intelligence sensor data is growing at an exponential rate. In the commercial area, there are 10,000+ ship reports being received, 10,000+ aircraft location reports, 10,000+ commercial satellite ELINT reports, 1,000s of near real-time, every 4-hour, satellite, IMINT reports. Then there are an increasing number of military UAVs reporting ELINT, photograph and video reports. Additionally, there are the ever-expanding number of U.S. and allied military satellites providing intelligence information – in fact, the U.S NRO alone put 12 new payloads into orbit in 2020.

There is no C4I system in the world capable of handling these intelligence loads.

See the above where AGIS’ C4I MDDL system is using the AWS GovCloud to process approximately 10,000 air and sea commercial intelligence reports for a small area off China and providing the information to 100s of users.

AGIS is busy expanding this capability to include real time processing 100,000+ sensor reports.  To find out more, use the below contact information.