AGIS Teams with HYPORI for a Secure Mobile Android Command and Control Solution

Unique Solution Features of LifeRing on the Hypori Platform.

  • The LifeRing Android and iPhone Smartphone software is accessed from the LifeRing Server and is never physically on the Smartphone.
  • The LifeRing mobile app can be streamed, via the Hypori Virtual Smartphone, to an iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet.
  • LifeRing Common Operational Picture (COP), geo-positioned photos, and all tactical mission data is stored on secure servers, leaving no data-at-rest on the mobile endpoint.
  • All LifeRing communication can be audited, including telemetry logging, with full visibility and control.

  • Simplify mobility for IT, streamline the development, deployment, testing, and support of LifeRing capabilities with a single, centralized mobile OS version on persistent Virtual Smartphones.
  • Leverage the power of the data center to send COP to Military Personnel and First Responders more quickly by just sending the streaming picture.
  • All data is double AES-256 bit Encrypted; once by LifeRing and then by Hypori.
  • NATO and C4I interoperability is provided by the LifeRing Server.