AGIS MDDL is now on GSA Advantage

Announcing a complete C4ISR software suite on the GSA’s Schedule 70 MAS multi year contract starting in FY 22, under Contract Number 47QTCA22D000R.

COTS Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) and LifeRing suite of command and control software has proven to be a resilient, reliable and cost-effective command and control solution designed to put relevant information on the displays of commanders and operators who need it most.  Given the rise of asymmetric threats targeting military and large-scale disasters threatening critical infrastructure, protecting our assets with actionable intelligence is a must.  This command and control software revolutionizes field communications and slashes reaction times with an enhanced software solution that provides powerful integration for sensors, such as radars and cameras, and COP communications within a single, simple, lightweight, easy to use display package that runs on servers that are on premises or are on the Cloud.

MDDL is built to ingest 10,000s of sensor reports and its data management takes advantage of communication capabilities over multiple types and modes of data streams such as public/private video streams, satellite, radio and cellular networks as well as self-healing military and IP networks.

Designed to assist the operator and commander to easily and quickly evaluate and coordinate a response in real time through improved situational awareness, interoperability, synchronized data, assured identity, tracking, playback and review, and more.  Find us at GSA Advantage!®  use  (Search word: 47QTCA22D000R).   Go to