AGIS LifeRing Is Compatible With New Radio Waveform

Advanced radio is capable of supporting many simultaneous Full Motion Video and Push-To-Talk users in denied, disrupted or interrupted conditions

JUPITER, FL, US, September 30, 2022 / — The idea of coordinating and staying synchronized with many teams on a mission using Command and Control is only as good as the communications that is available for use and the resolution of differences and incompatibilities among communications and encryption systems. Unfortunately, in the absence of a universal standard, Command and Control systems today need to contend with the disparate communications and encryption systems and methods that are in -use.

The good news is that the AGIS Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) LifeRing system has resolved these issues. It has been designed to ingest data from C4I systems and sensors, process the data into a common Multi Domain format, translate the data, then convert the data back into the required interface format that is understood by the receiving system. This all autonomously takes place within 1/1,000th of a second. In addition, the system automatically converts received intelligence data from both military and applicable commercial intelligence sources (i.e., AIS, ADS-B, ELINT) and translates the data into Link 16 for ingestion into a U.S. Navy combat system.

The AGIS LifeRing server sits at the center of this communications resolution activity and is designed to communicate with compatible Web-Client and PC, Android and iOS systems. It uses MDDL to resolve the different communications formats and protocols into a common IP format. The MDDL server also resolves encryption issues by connecting to the appropriate encryption devices associated with each of the communication military radio, police and fire radios. Unencrypted communications are handled by using AES 256-bit encryption and can also be secured using a compatible Zero Trust system.

To this wide array of communication modes and methods tested by AGIS we have recently added the Silvus radio, which was tested to be capable of supporting simultaneous Full Motion Video (FMV) and Push-To-Talk in situations where there is no access to cellular or internet. The Silvus radio is in use with the U.S. Army and AGIS can now transmit digital data by using their MN-MIMO waveform – a reliable, high bandwidth, meshed video and data communications waveform that excels in the most challenging conditions. For the military, this recently developed radio waveform even makes it more difficult for adversaries to intercept and detect communications signals due to features that allow a control of transmission emissions that then effectively enables more discreet communications. AGIS test engineers were amazed at the performance, range and ease of use of these devices.

The AGIS Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) LifeRing system has resolved these communications issues”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr. CEO

The AGIS MDDL C5ISR software is constantly under enhancement and development over the past 16 years by using an Agile software process with constant customer input. This commercial off the shelf (COTS) software is now available for procurement from the GSA Multiple Award Schedule under GSA Advantage MAS Contract # 47QTCA22D000R. No special hardware is required, and it is ideal for C4I use in challenging situations such as the ones faced by our military and our first responders.

We invite C4I users, novice and experts alike, to try an unclassified version of our Web Client by going to or www.liferingfirstresponder.comm with no cost or obligation. Request an online guided demo, or request a copy of an unclassified APP by going to

Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.