AGIS Donates Crisis Management Control System to Ukrainian Strategic Support and Humanitarian Efforts

Situational Awareness At An Extremely Large Scale

JUPITER, FL, US, March 14, 2022 / — AGIS is providing it’s LifeRing Crisis Management Control Web-Client AWS GovCloud System as a gift to support Ukrainian Strategic and Humanitarian Efforts for the length of the war.

This system is an updated version of the LifeRing suite of software that was previously installed with medical and logistics system interfaces, in the Ukrainian Military National Command and Control Center for a Partnership for Peace initiative. It uses IP communications and can interoperate on various communications platforms, including the Internet and cellular. It is provided in English and Ukrainian languages.

This software features full collaboration capabilities between users including in-app push-to-talk (PTT), chat, messaging, Geo-referenced symbol exchange, photos and real-time streaming video between PC, Android and iOS users via their device browsers. The software supports Extremely Large Scale operations of 10,000 users in a highly-secure, encrypted environment.

All while providing real-time, situational awareness of the mapped area and using standard symbols, this creates a scalable, real-time Common Operational Picture On A Single Pane Of Glass for crisis management that includes the ability to record and relay exact movements of humanitarian supplies and services.

… software for entities, organizations, and countries so they can better coordinate and collaborate crisis response and humanitarian efforts.”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr. CEO

The full system, translated into Ukrainian with supporting documentation along with built-in training videos, will be provided at no cost to local crisis response and humanitarian groups.

For missions that require international or cross-domain collaboration and teamwork, this AGIS software delivers interoperability with the lightest footprint and greatest ease of use. Register to try out the web client at

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