AGIS and the US Joint Chiefs J6 Lab have created an Air, Land, Sea, Space CJADC2 system on a PC/Laptop

In Concert with the US JCS J6 Lab AGIS has created a JADC2, now CJADC2, system that operates on one or more automatically integrated Laptop PCs.

JUPITER, FL, US, September 20, 2023/ — The March 2022 DoD Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) Strategy Summary specifies JADC2 as a strategy that meets six requirements/principles. They are: “(1) Information Sharing capability improvements are designed and scaled at the enterprise level; (2) Joint Force C2 improvements employ layered security features; (3) JADC2 data fabric consists of efficient, evolvable, and broadly applicable common data standards and architectures; (4) Joint Force C2 must be resilient in degraded and contested electromagnetic environments; (5) Department development and implementation processes must be unified to deliver more effective cross-domain capability options; and, (6) Department development and implementation processes must execute at faster speeds.”

How AGIS’ C5ISR aligns with the stated JCS Strategy Requirements:

(1) JADC2 Information Sharing — AGIS’ C5ISR System provides Server to Server and provides Cloud communications to enable Up and Down the Chain of Command data sharing between users enabling communications between Combat Commands.

(2) JADC2 Layered Security – AGIS’ C5ISR System provides Layered Security features that assure data is layered and appropriately available to those that have authority to receive the information. This includes our allied partners.

(3) JADC2 Integrated Data Layer (Data Fabric) – AGIS’ Extensive Integrated Data Layer provides Air, Ground, Sea, Subsurface, Space Interoperability and the ability to provide a Five Eyes / US/NATO Air, Ground, Sea, Subsurface, Space and NATO Common Operational Picture (COP) using our Link-16, JVMF, OTH Golf, CoT and NATO data link processing, translation and forwarding.

(4) JADC2 Joint Force C2 in Degraded / Contested electromagnetic environment – AGIS’ C5ISR system provides for mitigation of RF Targeting. Automatic reduction in non-critical communications and Server failover in case of jamming.

(5) JADC2 Cross-Domain Capability – AGIS’ C5ISR system permits manual cross-domain data transfer between dissimilar C5ISR systems AND different types of sensor feeds.

(6) JADC2 Development and Implementation must execute at faster speeds — AGIS’ C5ISR system is constantly undergoing enhancements to increase interoperability and to provide users automatic software downloaded enhancements.

Does AGIS’ C5ISR system also meet all JADC2 Implementation Plan Desires –- No, but in addition to the above capabilities, it is a complete COTS C5ISR system that has many attributes that are needed for Near Peer Adversary Operations. Some of these include: 1. Full MIL STD 2525 implementation, 2. The ability to handle massive 10,000+ sensor intelligence reports including Commercial and Military satellite feeds, 3. Built-In encrypted Collaboration tools including PTT, Messaging, Chat, Video, Video Conferencing, Worldwide event notification and others, 4. Land, Sea, Air 3D displays of anywhere in the World, 5. The ability for the operator to customize the controls to meet just his needs and 6. Built-in Video training for each operator function.

Where before, C2 systems required complex system of systems, significant power and cooling resources, and hours of operator training. With the AGIS system, military personnel at every echelon are able to carry lightweight yet powerful C5ISR system and server capabilities with them to the field.

AGIS’ software permits additional laptops (or PCs) and Androids and iPhones to be easily added to the secure network, forming a distributed and decentralized computing infrastructure. This approach enhances resilience and redundancy, ensuring that critical command and control capabilities remain operational even in challenging or hostile environments.

It is a complete COTS C5ISR system that has many attributes that are needed for Near Peer Adversary Operations.”

— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.

In addition to being available on the Laptop C5ISR System, AGIS server(s) can be on the AWS GovCloud, Azure or other Cloud based servers with automatic fail over between them or the Laptop Server.

This breakthrough can be purchased by the U.S. military through the GSA Advantage program without the normal long delays associated with military procurement. The J6 Contracting Office has recently used this method to vastly speed up their procurement to a matter of a week or two, and we can reference interested parties to their POC. US Government Contractors and allied Nations can purchase an entire system or select segments of the system from a Firm Fixed Price List of features. Northrop Grumman recently did just this. This fully integratable and customizable software is warranted for the First year during which the purchaser also receives software updates that increase the systems capabilities and flexibility. The CJADC2 software is under constant improvement, and we appreciate all customers’ inputs.

Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr.
Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS), Inc.
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