Personal Panic Apps

Personal Panic Apps

One of the things we’re working on at our company is group alert app we call ASSIST that 1. sends out an emergency alert if a person is in distress and 2. provides messaging between the person in distress and a preselected group of responders.

While our software is a robust solution developed for foreign embassies and international workers in hot spots around the globe, there are some off the shelf, “panic apps” that are great for personal safety.

Here are a few of the ones I like best:

Red Panic Button

By pushing the Red Button the application will send your current position and address (in the form of a Google Maps link) to all the numbers found in your panic contact list.


Similar to Red Panic Button, you set up an emergency contact list. If you press the app’s alarm in an emergency, they’ll get an alert with your exact location.  bSafe will also record audio and video from your phone in case you want to present it to the police later.


If you feel uneasy about the situation you’re in, you launch the app and hold down a button.  If you release the button and do not enter a pin code in 10 seconds, then an emergency alert is sent out to your emergency contacts.


When you launch the App, it immediately takes 3 photos in 1.3 seconds and and sends these images to preset numbers along with your GPS location data.

We hope to have our enterprise solution complete this year and I’ll let you know where and when it will be available for any of you who might want to demo the software.