LifeRing Enables a Scalable C4I COP for DHS Disaster Response

LifeRing Provides a Mobile C4I Solution for Disaster Response

Responding to disasters and safeguarding critical physical and human assets – whether on a battlefield, city street, school campus, corporate headquarters or subway tunnel – requires information collaboration and integration of data from many disparate  sources so that a complete integrated common ‘picture’ of the incident is seen by all. 

How quickly and accurately an incident can be evaluated and the location, capabilities and strength of responders can be ascertained can play a vital role in achieving not only DHS goals but also the goals of the National Guard, Coast Guard, state, local and municipal organizations as well as responding to the needs of utility companies. 

Our latest version of LifeRing software enables a low-bandwidth, satellite communications that provides real-time, situational-awareness between all smartphone, tablet and PC users up and down the chain of command to create a scalable C-4-I Common Operational Picture of the mapped area and the precise location of all participants. 


In situations where every second counts, a First Responder using LifeRing can mark an area of emergency on a map, add text, photo, video content to that marker, send a report on what supplies are needed, use Push To Talk to let everyone know by voice what is going on in the area, diagram the area with WhiteBoard, al the while seeing the location and communications or other markers and other responders on the scene or on the way.

 LifeRing.  A Complete C4I System in the Palm of your Hand.

We invite you to take a quick look at some materials to show how LifeRing can benefit DHS is a disaster response situation:

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