LifeRing Interfaces

LifeRing also has many datalink interface capabilities. These datalink interfaces allow information, from various sources, to provide additional data that augments the Common Operational Display’s scope of Position Location Information.

LifeRing datalink interfaces are separately licensed applications offered by AGIS, Inc. and are not included in the regular PC AGIS Package.


LifeRing permits users to track vessels that are equipped with AIS. AIS provides a ship’s MMSI and the last time the ship’s location was refreshed. Participants can track vessel location in real time. In certain instances, AIS will have more information available such as a an IMO number, name, destination, etc.

Available for Commercial LifeRing.


CornerTurn is a tracking device that is only releasable to US Government Agencies.

Available for Military LifeRing
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Cursor on Target (CoT) is a MITRE designed software package that provides a means to interface with over 100 different systems.

Available for Military LifeRing.


FalconView is a mapping system created by the Georgia Tech Research Institute for the Windows family of operating systems. It displays various types of maps and geographically referenced overlays.[1] Many types of maps are supported, but the primary ones of interest to most users are aeronautical charts, satellite images and elevation maps. FalconView also supports a large number of overlay types that can be displayed over any map background. The current overlay set is targeted toward military mission planning users and is oriented towards aviators and aviation support personnel.

Available for Military LifeRing


LifeRing’s ability to process Joint Variable Message Format (JVMF) messages provides a full two way interface between the Army/Marine Corps FBCB2/JCR friendly force tracking system and many other US and Allied Military ground and aircraft systems.

Available for Military LifeRing.


Global Command and Control System (GCCS) is the United States’ armes forces DoD joint command and control (C2) system used to provide accurate, complete, and timely information for the operational chain of command for U.S. armed forces. “GCCS” is most often used to refer to the computer system, but actually consists of hardware, software, common procedures, standards, and numerous applicactions and interfaces that make up an “operational architecture” that provides worldwide connectivity with all levels of command. GCCS incorporates systems that provide situational awareness, support for intelligence, force planning, readiness assessment, and deployment applications that battlefield commanders require to effectively plan and execute joint military operations.

Available for Military LifeRing


The Spot device is a one way tracking device that uses a satellite signal to relay position data to the SPOT Terminal Headquarters. The SPOT device can send several different message formats including 911, Help, Check OK and Track Progress. LifeRing has the ability to use SPOT devices to track users, deployed without LifeRing.

Available for Commercial LifeRing


LifeRing features the ability to run in conjunction with SAIL (Surface Aviation Interoperability Laboratory). Sail data can be displayed within the LifeRing display. The data it receives includes radars, IFF, sonar buoys, AIS, and tactical data links. This data is processed then overlaid on maps and charts from various sources. These data inputs are used to facilitate integration testing of shipboard systems.

Available for Military LifeRing

Vectronix PLRF25C

LifeRing uses the PLRF25C Laser Range Finder to automatically locate and place symobols on the LifeRing COP.

Available for Military LifeRing